Mattel Announces ‘Big Booty Barbie’ For Little Fat Girls


EL SEGUNDO, California – 

Barbie dolls sales have been declining for years, dropping 20% between 2012 and 2014 alone. After receiving years of criticism that Barbie is too thin, Mattel has finally cracked; Barbie’s new friends will come in different shapes, sizes, and races to better reflect actual human diversity.

Critics complain that none of the new line are fat and ugly like real American girls. CEO Christopher Sinclair’s assistant says,“We still want the dolls to be attractive. Well, that sounds mean. It’s more like Barbie just wants to be friends with fit, happy people like her.”

Barbie opponents say they are not impressed by the seven new skin tones or the new line of friends. “They’ve had a token black and a token Asian since the 80s. They’re basically still white bitches who only care about fashion and seducing Ken so he’ll buy them that dreamhouse. I buy my daughter Bratz dolls, because a woman has got to have an attitude and over-sized head in this world,” says Jenny Alexa.

Mattel has met the criticism head-on by announcing the release of a specific Barbie doll that they have dubbed “Big Bootie Barbie.” The new doll will have a much curvier waistline, larger breasts, and a gigantic ass.

New Line of Barbies Will Include A Gender-Neutral Version Of Doll

New Line of Barbies Will Include A Gender-Neutral Version Of Doll

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island – 

After the White House unveiling of a gender-neutral bathroom, Mattel has one-upped the Obamas by announcing release of limited-edition gender neutral dolls.

Androgynous-looking Chris is the first of a serious of the new Everybody Line, which will feature lipstick lesbian, Erica, tough-girl Tonya, and Steven, the hairdresser.

Natalie Brenz says this line was born out of necessity. “We understand there a rainbow of different people out there that Barbie and Ken just don’t represent. We wanted to do something to appease all the special interest groups out there, who hate Barbie and everything she stands for.”

Stock in the company has dropped slightly in what investors are calling a gigantic waste of resources. Mattel has responded that while the initial investment in this line may not pay off in sales, the brand will rewarded for its open mindedness in the long term. “Skinny blonds and boy-band look alikes are on their way out. If people want a chubby Catherine or gay Gary, we’ll make it happen.”

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo Reveals Shocking Strange Addictions, Pre-Game Superstitions

DALLAS, Texas – Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo Reveals Shocking Strange Addictions, Pre-Game Superstitions

Star NFL quarterback Tony Romo recently revealed some deep, dark secrets during a radio interview on the Jay Mohr Show, when on the topic of superstitions and pre-game rituals was brought up by the host.

When asked about his strange pre-game preparations and superstitions, Romo, 34, told Mohr that he goes through a regimen every game day and has kept the routine secret all his life, until now.

“This is really embarrassing. I’ve never told anyone this before, but – Well, the first thing I do when I wake up on a game day [at home] is throw a dozen raw eggs against the wall outside on my patio,” said Romo. “I’m serious, it feels great to do. Then I sit with a glass of orange juice, and watch as my housekeepers clean up the egg mess. I do feel bad about that part, but they make a great salary, and they’re used to it by now.”

Professional athletes have been doing strange things since the dawn of sports when it comes to pre-game superstitions. Michael Jordan recently told Sports Illustrated writer Carmine Sheckles that he urinated on a brand new pair of his shoes, which he would later go on to wear in that night’s game. In another oddball pre-game superstition ritual, former New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams told Sports News Daily that he use to lick the carpet at home, or whatever hotel he was staying at, before walking out the door on the way to a game.

“I know it sounds weird, but maybe me coming out about my weird behaviors will help others who to know they are not alone in their weird behaviors,” continued Romo, taking a deep breath before speaking again. “Ok. So, the other thing is – well, every day since I was 5 or 6 years old, I have chewed on a Barbie doll while taking a shower. Something about the texture, or the type of plastic they use, I’m very addicted to. I keep them until they’re falling apart, then I throw the doll away and get a new one. God, it feels good to finally say that out loud.”

“It took a lot of guts to say what he said when he was on my show,” said Mohr, speaking of the interview the following day. “I estimate that the sales of Barbie dolls and eggs are going to go up dramatically among teens and young adults who want to be like their idol.”

Cable channel TLC has reportedly reached out to Romo in a request to appear on their documentary-series My Strange Addiction. 

Porcelain Dolls Resembling Abducted Children Appearing On Doorsteps Of Parents

SAN CLEMENTE, California – Porcelain Dolls Resembling Abducted Children Appearing On Doorsteps Of Parents

Over the last several weeks, parents of children who have been abducted and yet-to-be found have been coming home to a disturbing sight; porcelain dolls resembling their children are tucked into baskets and left on their doorsteps. So far, 8 families have come home to a doll being placed at their door.

“It was extremely unnerving and frightening,” said Kathleen Davidson, the mother of a young girl, Natalie, who was abducted from their home last Easter. “We never found our daughter. The case is still open, but police more or less gave up. We came home last Monday and there was something in front of our door. When I got closer, I noticed it was a doll. I thought perhaps a neighbor’s child had been playing in our yard and left it, but when I picked it up, it gave me such a jolt to discover it looked identical to Natalie. It was even wearing an Easter dress just like the one she was wearing when she was taken.”

Davidson says that she called the police, but initially they ‘weren’t interested.’

“They sent an officer out, and he didn’t really have anything to say about it. They basically just assumed it was a coincidence,” said Davidson.

Over the next several days, other families of abducted children began to receive dolls at their homes as well. Police had already begun a full-scale investigation by the time the fourth call came in.

“We are embarrassed by the fact that we didn’t begin an investigation into the matter sooner,” said Captain Michael Lambert. “We started receiving numerous calls from families who had a doll left at their home. All the families have children that have been abducted, and none of those children have been found. The cases of the missing children range from the late 1980s until the present. One of the families had their child taken only a few short months ago. We are investigating the situation of the dolls to see if they have any connection to the person or persons who may be involved in the abductions.”

So far, police have no new leads on any of the open abduction cases, and are asking anyone with information to call their local police department.

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