Madonna Exposes Deviant Sex Acts No One Wants to Know Any More

Madonna Exposes Deviant Sex Acts No One Wants to Know Any More

LOS ANGELES, California –

Madonna has once again exposed details of her deviant sexual acts, this time with no prompting or interest from the general public. The powerful superstar has released lude details of her private life over the course of her incredibly long career, usually to great excitement from Christian men in particular. This time, critics are saying she’s too old to be anything but repulsive to most sexually active persons.

“Madonna still retains her high level of significance,” said Bishop John Kemp. “But these sex books and tapes and interviews she keeps doing – well, they’re getting a bit much. The first time she did it was exciting. The first ever woman to be impregnated by God. Now it’s gotten old, along with her wrinkled skin and decomposing nose.”

The latest revelations were released in a detailed interview with Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Watchtower publication. They described her and God doing it in a number of never before seen ways – positions and actions that are impossible for most mortal beings.

“Her loyalty to the deity is remarkable,” said theologian Mark Walters. “Over the past two millennia, she’s remained the Virgin Mary, keeping all her sexual activity on a higher plane. It’s an inspiration to us all in this time of free love and rampant divorce. However, in my experience Christian leaders do not take well to hearing about the sexual deviance of their God.”

And the response from priests and ministers around the world has proved his sentiments to not be unfounded.

“I’m quickly losing respect for Mother Mary,” said one cardinal of the Catholic Church. “She’s our martyr and, although her initial encounters with the Lord Above gave us inspiration and hope, now she’s just undermining his name. I don’t want to know that he likes to create a vagina for himself out of nothing and let her stick her hand inside. No one needs to know that information.”

The deity however stood up for his long term lover, stating that His virility should be something that mortals can aspire to, and that the Virgin Mary should be acknowledged for her sexual prowess.

John Legend’s Career, Future In Doubt After Being Stabbed in Neck

John Legend's Career, Future In Doubt After Being Stabbed in Neck


NEW YORK CITY, New York – 

R&B star John Legend was found this morning naked in Central Park, bleeding profusely from the neck in an apparent stabbing. Preliminary investigations have all but confirmed wife Chrissy Teigen’s version of events – that the star was accidentally stabbed in the throat by his wife’s abnormally sharp-edged shoulder. Paramedics on the scene were able to stem the blood flow, saving the singer’s life, but casting doubt on whether he’ll be able to sing again.

The celebrity couple were, according to Tegin, “attempting to live out a lifelong fantasy” of Legend’s.

“With my mama living a sort of nomadic life, and not having a house or bedroom to ourselves that we could keep on rocking until she comes knocking, the next best option was to…kiss…and stuff…underneath the stars in the park. It’s just a shame that I have such a hazardously perfect imperfection.”

Doctors treating Legend were upbeat about his diagnosis.

“Right now, we’re pretty positive,” said trauma surgeon Keith Van Der Bolt. “John’s going to live a full life. He’ll be back to making love in the relatively near future. We’d recommend some padding, though – Chrissy’s love apparently hurts.”

Despite the good news, the doctor in charge of his rehabilitation had a grim outlook on the singer’s career. “While he may not entirely lose his singing voice, his vocal range will never again match that of Beyonce,” said Dr Herb Whelan. “We’re hoping that he’ll at least be able to reach those pedestrian notes of Rihanna. But what’s more likely is that he’ll have to settle for Kesha’s half octave.”

At press time, Legend had just released his first statement since the accident, saying, “Garble garble, ugh, gnt, nut, flbble shmut.”

Taylor Swift To Put Music Career On Hold, Plans on Attending College

NEW YORK, New York – Taylor Swift To Put Music Career On Hold, Plans on Attending College

Taylor Swift, the biggest name in pop and country at the moment shocked fans, promoters and the entire music industry today when she cancelled her world tour. Swift announced in a statement that ‘there’s nothing more important than education,’ and she plans on attending college starting this January in time for the spring semester. 

“I hope my fans support my decision, I’m not the first star to put a career on hold,” said Swift. “Jodie Foster went to Yale, Natalie Portman went to Harvard, and Emma Watson went to Brown. If they could put their careers on hold to get an education, so can I. As a role model to millions of young girls, I feel it’s my duty to show the importance of education. So I’ll be going to a little school in Boston that maybe some of you have heard of, to pursue my life long dream.”

According to Swift and her management, going to school is the only thing that’s kept her back from becoming the biggest musician of all-time, as opposed to just one of the biggest musicians of all-time.

“Because I want to live this dream, today I am proud to announce I was accepted to Boston’s Medford Community College School of Dog Grooming. I will be starting this January, for a grueling 6 months of courses to achieve my certificate, but I know with the support of God and my fans, I can do it. I want to let my fellow students know even though I may be the only one going to a commuter school in a limo, I’m just a regular down-home country girl at heart.”

“I’m really, really sad that she’s not going to be singing anymore,” said Amy Anderson, a 12-year-old fan. “6 months is like a lifetime away from making music, but I’m happy for her. Well I’m more sad for me than happy for her. I don’t know how I feel. My Mom and Dad are both doctors, and they wanted me to be a doctor. I wanted to be a singer like Taylor, but now I guess I  want to be a dog groomer like Taylor.”


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