Animal Breeder Successfully Joins Sloths With Kittens

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – 

A selective breeder from Kentucky has said that he has successfully combined the internet’s two most popular animals – the sloth and the cat – into one extremely cute animal.

“It took many years of genetic research, and plenty of time and effort,” said animal breeder Jeremy Richards. “Not to mention trying to entice a sloth to have sex with a cat. That was not easy. In the end, though, it’s all been worth it, because I’ve finally been able to breed a new animal, which I have dubbed the Slitten. Or, possible, the Cloth. I haven’t decided.”

Richards says he has been working on creating the “internet’s perfect animal” for the better part of 10 years.

“I’ve had success in the past combining rabbits and cats, cats and chickens, goats and beavers, all sorts of animals,” said Richards. “This is the first time, though, I was able to work with an exotic animal like a sloth.”

Richards says that he made the animal “purely for show,” and that he would not be selling them.

“I just want people to be able to admire them, but I don’t know their temperament or anything yet, so for now, they stay with me.”

Stephen Hawking Sex Tape Reportedly Leaked To Internet

Stephen Hawking Sex Tape Leaked

LONDON, England – 

It seems anyone can be an object of sexual desire, with fetishes ranging from watching morbidly obese people eat, to enjoying girls urinating on hairy backs. Now there is something even hotter making its way around the internet, as paralyzed physicist Stephen Hawking’s intimate sex tape has reportedly been leaked.

In the 20-minute video, Stephen’s classic computer voice rattles off a whole list of things he wants done to him while a group of extremely bored-looking girls perform various sexual acts, including grinding his paralyzed legs, sucking his toes, and burying his face between their breasts.

Although Hawking is not able to achieve an erection, there is a pronounced twinkle in the physicist’s eyes throughout the video.

A close friend of Stephen explains, “He’s still a man, even though he suffers from ALS, and he wasn’t always paralyzed. He knows what he’s missing, and some part of him wants a taste of it. Even though he is unable to feel, he is able to imagine the sensations. It’s amazing he has lived passed seventy in his condition, and at this point in his life, it’s time to live out his fantasies before it’s too late.”

Vivid Entertainment, known for releasing celebrity sex tapes, says that they have “absolutely no interest” in purchasing and releasing the Hawking sex tape, as it’s just “too out there,” for their regular customers.

Adding Suffix ‘Gate’ To End Of Word Doesn’t Automatically Make It A Scandal


Adding Suffix 'Gate' To End Of Word Doesn't Automatically Make It A ScandalWASHINGTON, D.C. –

In a new study by the Department Of Internet Relations, the word ‘gate’ has appeared more frequently online in the last year than ever before, as media and news outlets have begun adding the suffix to anything that they wanted to make seem more important or newsworthy.

“Gamergate, Shirtgate, Bridgegate, Flowergate, RiotGate, and more have appeared in national headlines over the last year and a half, and none of the incidents that were being reported were ever really that important,” said DIR spokesman Rick Facts. “Yes, some trolls got made at girls in gaming on the internet. Yes, some scientist wore a shirt with naked women on it. So what? Those things are not important. They’re barely even newsworthy, but – through the ‘gate’ on the end, and you’ve got a big thing, at least according to the media.”

Watergate, the scandal during President Nixon’s time in office that lead to him eventually stepping down from office, is the first major news story to feature the ‘gate’ suffix, but in a slightly different context – the hotel that the name references was actually called the Watergate, they didn’t add it on to make the scandal more important.

“That’s the difference between then and now,” said Facts. “Watergate was a real scandal, and a real securities issue. These things now, these people – they just throw ‘gate’ onto the end of a word and they want it to become the next big thing. Sorry, no. Feminists and internet trolls will never be to the level of a government cover-up, no matter what word you call it.”

Facts says that people should be forced to just call these things what they are – non-news.

“I hope someday that people will stop calling everything ‘whatevergate’ just to make it seem scandalous. For crying out loud, just report the news, and stop being stupid.”

Meet Microsoft’s New Browser, ‘Definitely-Not-Internet-Explorer’

Meet Microsoft's New Browser, 'Definitely-Not-Internet-Explorer'

SILICON VALLEY, California – 

The whole world – even Microsoft – came to realize that Internet Explorer was a useless old relic, burying it alongside its old cousin, Netscape. With this, however, they sought to create a new browser that would capture the hearts and fingertips of internet users everywhere. Meet the newest contender from the oldest name in the arena: DeNIE, or “Definitely Not Internet Explorer.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke briefly about its improvements over its notorious predecessor:

“Basically, there are a few cool new gadgets which could have been just added in to Internet Explorer in an update, but the real change is the name. DeNIE is a new brand that people can explore with fresh eyes, whereas Internet Explorer was something that most people immediately steered away from.”

Microsoft’s analysts conducted extensive research on the existing browser giants to determine what made them popular in the first place. The result was simple: they weren’t Internet Explorer.

We had the pleasure of test-driving their new software during an interview; when it was mentioned that it felt and even looked exactly like the old browser, Nadella agreed.

“Again, as long as we deny that it is Internet Explorer, people will use it. To be honest it’s the same exact browser, just rebranded – same security issues, slowness, and clinginess to legacy features.”

DeNIE is planned to release with Windows 10, which the company is considering renaming to “Not Made by Microsoft” to pull in users from the ever growing Apple and Android fan crowd who once again, according to Microsoft’s researchers, only made the switch because of the name.

Man Commits Suicide After Losing Wi-Fi Connection For 25 Minutes

 Man Commits Suicide After Losing Wi-Fi Connection For 25 Minutes

LAREDO, Texas – 

A Laredo family is in mourning today after a young man took his life late Friday evening. Tom Brink, 24, hung himself from the rafters of his home, leaving behind a note for his loved ones detailing his spiral into depression.

“I can’t believe this I spend so much money on my internet and it goes down all the time. I can’t take it anymore, it has been about 25 minutes now, and still no connection. I lived a great life, but I don’t want to live in a world were I can’t come home and watch my favorite TV shows on Netflix, or check my Facebook feed and just unwind a bit. I just got to the end of Breaking Bad and my connection kicked off right during the cliffhanger. I can’t do this anymore, I’m sorry.”

Brink’s mother Mary remembers Tom as an easy going person who never let drama get into his life. She told us that she was completely blind-sided by his death and would never expect her son to do such a thing because he had a lot of things going his way.

“He just got a new job, and he was going to be making over 6-figures,” said Mary. “He had the whole world at his fingertips. His girlfriend was beautiful and smart, he had a new puppy named Gremlin, and he even was looking into buying a home. I cannot believe that he’s gone. The internet is a foul, evil place, but not having it is even worse.”

Mary Bring is urging parents to make sure their children are raised with strong Wi-Fi connections, and to make sure that their kids know that there are more options in life than just watching videos on the internet, such as TV on DVD or even old VHS tapes.

Representatives for Brink’s internet service say that there was no issue with the service on their end, and Brink more than likely would have been able to reset his connection by unplugging his router, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in.


Time Warner Cable Announces Internet, Cable Services Will Be Down For Security Upgrades In February

NEW YORK, New York – Time Warner Cable Announces Internet, Cable Services Will Be Down For Security Upgrades In February

Time Warner Cable spokesperson Lavette Ansari announced that Time Warner Cable services, including broadband internet, would not be available to customers on February 29th, due to maintenance and network testing.

In the statement, Ansari said that the shut down for network maintenance was necessary to maintain the high quality broadcasting product and superior internet service the media giant company offers.

“We at Time Warner are proud of the fact that we have the best cable  and internet service available for all of America,” Ansari said. “In order to maintain our incredible product and services, it is absolutely necessary that we perform this uninterrupted testing and overall product assessment before any problems arise.”

The decision to shut down and perform these maintenance actions comes at a time during which many media companies and internet services are being attacked by groups of rogue hackers. Both Playstation and Xbox networks have each been hacked and shut down recently, as well as Chase Bank and Sony Pictures Entertainment. The plague is not confined to the United States either, as North Korea has gone without internet service throughout the entire country following the actions of sophisticated hacking.

Other internet and cable companies are expected to follow suit according to University of Maryland Professor of Media Technologies & Sciences, Dr. Mamauf Abdul Rahim. “In this age of vast technology, knowledge which is now easily obtained. With the modern age of technology, there are mostly positives but with that also comes the potential of attack,” Rahim stated. “No company, no matter how big or small, as well as individuals, no matter how powerful, are a potential victim of extreme cyber attack. The appropriate measures of prevention must be taken in order to keep hacking risks as low as possible.”

Ansari added in her statement to select members of the Associated Press that in order to keep customer complaints as low as possible, the company wanted to give fair warning. ” It is important that the news of this shutdown be highly anticipated in order for our loyal customers to prepare themselves,” Ansari said. “We know that a full 24 hours is an extremely long time to go for some people to not use the internet.”

All Wi-Fi in The United States to Be Shut Off For Maintenance December 22nd

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  All Wi-Fi in The United States to Be Shut Off For Maintenance August 2nd

On December 22nd, all internet-connected Wi-Fi devices in the United States will be temporarily disabled for routine maintenance. The announcement was made today from the White House, and the government is making it clear that you should ‘get the things you need done online,’ before the shut down happens.

The necessary upgrades to the Wi-Fi network has arisen due to several reasons, chief among them being the amount of people using the internet at any given time. The heavy use is making servers at all major internet providers weakened by the strain of carrying that many loads of information at once, which makes it easy for outside sources to hack into both public and private computers. This would give certain individuals the ability to get into your private accounts, making it possible for identity theft, stolen banking information or, on a government scale, stolen classified materials.

While the shut off it happening, it will be nearly impossible for anyone to access the internet throughout the entire country, which mean business emails, selfies, and Facebook statuses about how hard you’re hitting the gym should be prepared accordingly.

“It isn’t the option we wanted to proceed with, but it has to be done,” said Verizon CEO Daniel S. Mead. ” My company will be losing a lot of business, but when the people above you say it has to be done it has to be done. This shut off comes straight from the top, the Secretary of Internet Regulations in the White House.”

The plan for the operation is to set up unbreakable security walls, edit existing coding, and make the internet and Wi-Fi even faster when it returns.

As of this time, the agencies involved in the shut off have not said when they will be re-enabling full access to Wi-Fi, but they claim that the updates should take ‘less than week.’

Because many people have not spend any part of their lives without internet access, the US government has prepared a list of other activities that can be performed during the outage, including going for a walk, reading a book, or staring blankly at a wall.


Congress Creates Tax On Internet Surfing; Expect To Pay Up To $3 Per Hour On Top Of Regular Monthly Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congress Shoots Down Net Neutrality, Passes Internet Usage Tax

Although Congress has recently shot down several different versions of a ‘net neutrality’ plan that would force large websites that have heavy traffic to pay more to internet service providers or face throttling, congress wasn’t as quick to shoot down a recently proposed tax on internet surfing to consumers.

Beginning in 2015, users of all internet services – including Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS, and Cox Communications among others – will be expected to pay an hourly fee of approximately $3 for basic internet service, on top of your normal monthly bill.

“It’s stupid, and it’s outrageous,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). “If I were on the committee to prevent the Internet chargers and the Wall Street fat cats from pushing this through, I would have done my best to nip this in the bud. But I was traveling and I missed the vote,” she said.

House Speaker John Boehner was not as critical. “I don’t think $3 is too much to pay for a service that essentially brings the world to your doorstep. With this increased revenue, [the government] can help to balance the budget, and get our economy to where it used to be. The President has run into the ground, through his many policies and legislations, this country and our dollar, mostly because he comes up with ideas and we refuse to act. But regardless, this tax will help many.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) rejected an addendum to the bill that would have provided a “hardship exemption” for those not able to afford the monthly fee.

“People who can’t afford the fee aren’t going to be spending money online anyway,” McConnell explained, ”and giving them another handout is not helping the economy. This way, slowly but surely, one hour at a time, we’ll get the country back on its feet. Just like the story with the turtle and the hare, slow and steady wins the race!”

The average person spends up to 11 hours per day on some sort of internet service, whether it be through a computer, tablet, or cell phone. A conservative fee estimate would set back a typical American family nearly $10,000 per year, depending on their internet usage.

Consumers have reacted with shock and anger. “I’m going back to old-fashioned letter writing,” said heavy Internet user and single mother Samira Wells. “If it’s a choice between getting on Facebook and feeding my babies, I’m going to feed my babies. Wait ’til my Facebook friends hear about this,” she added.

“This is governmental influence run amok,” said Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader. “I may have to run for President again to enact legislation to invalidate this act of Congressional overreach.”

Many questions remain unanswered. What about people who already pay per hour for certain subscription services? Won’t they be paying double? Congress hasn’t answered that question yet, but political pundits say that many congressional leaders will have plenty of answers prepared for the millions of voters out there before the 2016 elections season heats up.

Ceiling Fans Can Cause Wi-Fi Particles To ‘Break Down’, Slow Down Home Internet

TALLAHASSE, Florida – Ceiling Fans Can Cause Wi-Fi Particles To 'Break Down', Slow Down Home Internet

If you have been noticing some troubles with your Wi-Fi connection, your signal may not be at fault this time.

A recent study has shown that ceiling fans are the number one cause of slow internet or having no internet connection in homes. The study was performed after several major router and modem companies banded together to find new issues that can arise in home use of their products.

“I had a guy that wrote the company a letter claiming he would kill all of my family if I didn’t resolve his internet connection,” said the CEO of Belkin Routers, Joe Goldsmith. “He was upset because he was attempting to stream a Gilmore Girls episode on Netflix and from what he wrote, it cut off right before the good part.”

The report shows that not only will a ceiling fan in your own home disrupt your Wi-Fi, but even a close neighbor with a ceiling fan can be affecting it.

What happens, according to researchers, is the movement of a ceiling fan sucks in the Wi-Fi particles that are floating through the air, making your ‘network’ stuck in a type of internet tornado.

Major companies are attempting to find a way to stop this slow-down from happening in homes. Home Depot, one of the largest retailers of ceiling fans in the United States, as well as several other companies in the home-building and internet markets, are attempting to create a new Wi-Fi friendly ceiling fan, or a ceiling fan-friendly router. Prototypes for both designs have been created, but they say that the technology may be years away from being developed to permanently prevent issues.

In the mean time, they suggest that if you want to assure that you have the best possible internet connection, it is recommended that shut off or stay away from all ceiling fans while surfing the web.



Redbox Partners With Vivid Entertainment, Company To Stock XXX Films In Kiosks

LOS ANGELES, California – Redbox Partners With Vivid Entertainment, Company To Stock XXX Films In Kiosks

Several communities across America are outraged at news released this morning of Redbox, everyone’s favorite video store replacement, partnering with porn-titans Vivid Entertainment to bring adult films to grocery store and gas station kiosks everywhere.

Redbox and Vivid made the announcement this morning that hardcore, adult entertainment will become ‘more easily accessible to consumers than ever,’ as they begin to roll out rentals of pornographic titles at all Redbox kiosks by the end of 2014. Naturally, a large concern from parents is that Rebox will not have an acceptable verification process in place.

When asked how they will ensure underage customers aren’t renting hardcore porn DVDs, Redbox responded by saying “Just like with R-rated movies we have in the kiosks now, the customer will be asked if they are over 18 and will be required to say yes.”

When is was questioned as to what would stop a child from selecting the ‘yes’ button indicating they are of legal age to obtain pornographic material, Redbox responded by saying “We’re basically operating on the honor system. We trust our customers to be honest with their responses. Besides, kids don’t have credit cards anyway.”

“We think it’s time someone put the porn rental business back on the map,” said representatives for Vivid. The company promises that each kiosk will contain at least 30 hardcore titles to choose from.

A Vivid spokesperson also guaranteed several spicy sub-genres to choose from. “We understand today’s consumer doesn’t want to watch boring, middle-aged white people have missionary sex, so we are committed to stocking each kiosk with multiple options to float your boat. You can expect interracial, BBW, fetish, Asian, and celebrity categories at each location.”

Redbox has confirmed that the new adult DVDs won’t cost the consumer any more than a standard DVD rental. According to the press release, they will also be offering a discounted Adult DVD with every standard DVD rental the week of the kick off.

Both companies have avoided directly addressing the likely hood of underage customers being able to access the pornographic material. They have each taken the stand that it’s up to the parents to manage their children’s sexual urges, and if they want to blame someone for underage children looking at boobies, they should blame the internet.

“Parents need to realize that corporations shouldn’t have to be responsible for their kids, and what they’re watching, doing, eating, or seeking out as entertainment,” said Redbox. “The old phrase ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ does not say anything about corporations and mega-companies. That said, we respect all of our customers, regardless of their horrible parenting skills.”

Unsurprisingly, one of the largest objectors to the partnership are the internet ‘tube sites’ that provide unlimited porn to millions of consumers each day. Sources have speculated that the new arrangement between Redbox and Vivid could potentially cost the top tube sites millions of dollars per year in ad revenue, assuming that people forget that anything you want can be had for free on the internet.

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